When to Attach and when to Reference

A company I am working with has a habit of attaching far more documents to their reports than I am accustomed to seeing. They will attached almost any document that they reference in a report. I would like to make the argument that just referencing some of these documents is sufficient. I have not been able to find any rule or rational as to when to attach a document and when to leave it as a reference.

I’d appreciate any opinions or standard practices you follow. A guidance document or instructional material I could cite would be even better.


Not aware of any rules or guidance docs.

I would think a general rule of thumb would be to reference anything that’s already controlled and attach anything that isn’t. If multiple places need to reference a “thing” then it would make sense to put that “thing” under control. If it’s just a one-off (like a screen shot) then attaching would be better.

Attaching things that are already controlled means you’re duplicating information - which always creates potential for errors.