When Employees Don't Follow Procedures

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you lost good workers because simple rebellion wasn’t the real problem? All of those trained employees would be out the door and must be replaced, tsk tsk. Very expensive! And your company’s secrets, if you had any, went with them. Surely there is a better way of dealing with resistance!


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Hi there

I am afraid I did not have the time to read this entire article. However let me say I have over the last twenty years I have worked in two regulated industries - aviation and pharmaceutical. In both this industries employees must work to written approved procedures. There is simply no alternative - would you like to fly in an aircraft or take complicated medicine, manufactured from memory.

Consulting in one company I had to go to director level to instigate the reversal of a NO BLAME culture that middle management maintained.

The very concept of regulatory requirements, demands compliance. Persons that for whatever reason, cannot comply must be expediently removed from the system.

Alex Kennedy

I agree Alex