What to do with the hard copy after scanning

Can original hard copy documents be discarded (properly of course) once it has been scanned?
Or do the hard copies need to be archived elsewhere?

Good question…I’ve seen this done before as long as you make the electronic scanned copy the master copy of the document then there should be no problem with this.


What is the master copy and how do I make a master copy?

Hi Lorina,

It is up to your and your organisation to decide what the master copy is in this scenario. You may want to state this somewhere in your QMS possibly where you discuss Document Management that paper copies when scanned and uploaded are no longer deemed the master copy but the electronic copies are.

The master copy is the copy an auditor will need to review when they carry out an audit.

Does that make sense?

Is there any guidance or regulations that suggests what to do with the scanning of the document? Any reference will be very helpful to push this forward in my organization. I haven’t had any luck so far.

yes. You need to keep the scanned document well stored in server and not in systems and take a regular back up every year for a period of 5 years. At the end of 5th year, again check for the credibility of the scanned copy and if it is fine ahat documented and not corrupted, now make another replicate of it and then keep the scanned copy in High security Red alert storage in lock and key for a period of another years during which time carry out a risk assessment study of the destruction of such original document and later after correct justification, you may destroy that, however maintain a destruction record…the destruction can be done by lightung it and it should be videographed and certified. Evidence of reference shall be provided soon. Contact/mail me...bhimsen@hotmail.co.uk