What standard is used for classification of operating rooms

Must do validation to the operating room and I would know what standard to find specifications / recommendations for validation of operating rooms…


Dear Mr. Catalin

in pharmaceutical Ind. there are classification of Room as per Air purity , which is mentioned in every Guideline like … ISO 14644-1,2 And GMP Guideline to ,
so You can can take the Reference from these Guideline ,
if any query mail me

It very much depends on the country in which you are working.

Here in Ireland for example, there is no national standard, however, we would look to our neighbours in the UK for guidance. They currently refer to HBN 26 and HTM 03-01.

Hospital standards generally refer to Bacteria Carrying Particles per cubic metre and I am not aware of any references to non-viable counts as defined in ISO 14644-1.

Hope this helps.