What is the significance of equilibrium time in sterilization and it's impact on sterlztn?

Autoclave sterilization

Normally you would want to slowly equalize the chamber at the end of a cycle… especially if there is a vacuum dry phase at the end of a cycle. Because the temperature inside of the chamber is significantly higher than the ambient air that is used for equalization, the equalization time should be of sufficient length to prohibit condensation on your items in the chamber. As far as effect on the sterilization, the only effect would be wet loads from the condensation.


My opinion is that answer above is not correct. See EN 285 - equlibration time is time elapses the first and last TC reach sterilization temperature…it is time that steam reach all surfaces. If eq time is long then contact steam / surface is not direct, it is indirect trought the air…


Thanq u sir

I agree with joksavs. I have encountered issues with reducing equilibration time in stopper loads as well as equipment loads. We copied our existing cycle and added two additional “pulses” for a total of five prior to the heating up phase. This ensured our load was fully penetrated with steam prior to starting sterilization. (Pulses definition: the rise and fall of initial pressure and temperature by pulling vacuum and subsequently introducing steam equals one pulse). Steam on!