What doe the term Biometrics refer to?

“Biometrics means a method of verifying an individuals identity based on measurements of the individuals physical feature(s) or repeatable actions where those features and/or actions are both unique to that individual and measurable”

Could be fingerprints, retinal scans, DNA sequence, etc. Any “biological signature” that uniquely identifies a person.

Yes !

Biometrics consists of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral identification.
Physiological Biometrics : fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, Palm print, iris recognition, retina etc.
behavioral : Voice

A biometric system can be operated in two modes 1. Verification 2. Identification

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If the forum members are interested I would certainly request LABCAL BIOMETRIC SOLUTIONS a Canadian organization to present a white paper on Biometric solutions and their use and Regulation in Industry.


Have the paper published ? Please share.