We need a executed risk analysis report

Dear Experts,

We shall qualify the equipments based on risk analysis. But we still don’t have much knowledge on that way. We need to qualify the both API & Formulations. Could you post the ready to use and one example document in this forum? We are looking anxiously for your help. Definitely it would be help to us.

Thanks in advance.

Pulla Reddy Karnati.

An example covers atleast 10 to 15 pages document specifically giving all rationals of identification and much more details about facility and it has to be based on HACCP rules too. Iam afraid it takes a huge effort from our (Moderator side) to post such detailed document free on this site. We can do it for 125 dollars US or at a negotiated price.
Please understand we too need some money to support this site.
You can talk with Mr.Graham. Based on your interaction and price negotiated we give you best document suited for your facility.The price negotiated does not cut short or increase the document size. It will be necessarily the same size and shall be delivered to you by mail in PDF or MS word document as per your request.