Video of Qualification

We are going to start using screen capture software from Camtasia Studios, that will produce an .avi of the execution. Hopefully, this will speed up the execution process. Granted there are few hurdles and nay sayers. Anybody else using this type of technology?

really this is the brilliant idea to speed up the process

Just curious, how will you use it? Does it replace screen shots? How will it speed up the execution process? What are the arguments behind the nay-saying?

I’m also curious! I’m guessing (perhaps way off the track) that the concern is around this being an electronic record?

I can definitely see how it could be useful - some more info if you could provide it would be great.

nay sayers…review time takes as long as execution.

You have to work out that only one person needs to watch the video or only watch parts of the video.

Script writing is difficult…of course this is true anyways, but the script author must be cognizant that every mouse movement will be videoed and every character typed too. Is it really an acceptance criteria that the executor goes from screen A-> B to get to c or can the executor go straight to C?

When an error occurs, the documentation on screen is key. I like to add “sticky notes” onscreen so that a reviewer can go right to the incident…also documenting the time of incident is important.

another Nay - Part 11…this is an electronic document of validation. I say it is better way of documentation than screen shots because you have a continuous video of the execution rather than a screen shot.