Vessel manufacturing process

When manufacturing the vessel for the pharma/ Biotech industry. what are the cleaning/finish process is expected like passivation/electro polish after fabrication work complete. Is there any routine process need to carry after some years on the vessel.

You may want to do an inspection, and based on the inspection some repolishing or repassivation. The inspection is typically just visual, and looking for rust/rouge, or damage.

If something damages the vessel, then you might have to repolish it, and re-passivate it.


Thanks…is pH ( low and high) impacting the vessel life. If yes what is remedial action

There are many factors which could cause deterioration of the vessel - you might want to look at vessel liners (disposable technology). You might also consider HDPE plastic vessels. But each of those should undergo preliminary analysis such as extractables/leechables or compatability studies before you invest in new equipment or processes.

Also make sure your current vessels are the correct grade of stainless.

thanks JaredCroft for valuable input.