Very disapointed

I went for an interview for a job about 3 weeks ago, I was called for a medical the following week and 2 references.A week went by and I heard nothing from the HR representative in the company so I email her.She replied stating she would get back to me that evening or the following day with some feedback.Another week went by and I still had no contact.So I decided to email her again today.So today at around 5.55pm I got another email from her saying that they wouldnt be going ahead with this as they had found a stronger canditate.I have to say I find this very strange indeed.I am asuming the medical and refs check out .Should the recruitment process be over before a canditate is called for a medical and asked for references.Also I had to chase them down for feed back I would probably be still in the dark if I didnt email them. I find this very diaspointing and soul distroying and very unprofessional on the companys part.I am have thinking of writing to the HR manager and letting them know of my disapointment and disgust at being treated like this.Is there anying I can do?

Do not find this soul destroying, unfortunately this happens all the time in this industry and I assume other professions, the fact is that these HR departments become overcome with CV’s and interviews and when they find their candidate they just forget about the rest of the applicants.

When I was starting out the exact same thing happened to mean with one of the top 5 pharma’s I did 4 interviews got down to the last 2 and was never contacted, only for an email I sent to the HR department I would still be wondering.

Rejection is a part of interviews unless you are very lucky indeed. Rejection in the past has always made me try harder and be better prepared or drive me onto increase my knowledge off my own back. It’s all about how you react to these situations.

Maybe there was a better candidate so dont worry about it, in the future you’ll be the better candidate and someone else will feel rejected.

As for wrting the letter to the HR department I would suggest leave it be and focus your energy on the positives!

Good Luck

but i had gotten passed the interview and had a medical and 2 references were checked

As Graham points out, don’t let it get you down. It’s likely that anybody making the first cut went through the same process. And, also agreeing with Graham, probably not in your best interest to write HR. You could end up burning a bridge.

If you feel strongly about the company (and after this experience, maybe you no longer do?), network with people there. If you have contact information from those that interviewed you (not HR), keep a dialog going. Maybe one of the hiring managers would be willing to share what he/she thought your strengths / weaknesses were. If you can establish relationships with the hiring managers, you might get the inside track for new positions.

In this game, politics often plays a big part. They could have opened the position with a particular person in mind and that person kept dragging their heels. There may not have been anything you could have done to get the position! Accept it for what it is and move on.

Good luck!

from 1977, the year i graduated from tech school, to about 1985 i tried and applied for the company’s of my dreams which were IBM, HP, FBI, NASA and CIA. None were interested; the only ones willing to hire were the Pharmaceuticals which abounded in Puerto Rico. But! That’s where i learned what i do now and i’m lovin it!

hi, All-

Though i am young compared to you all, I would like to share some of my experiences with you. Recently I faced a interview with a Belgium company. Actually they are looking for project/validation engineer with 2-3 yrs exp. For the position I am a exact fit as the role is matching to my profile. I applied in the month of April and I received a call from their business unit manager (BUM) in mid May that they are interested in my profile. I am based in India and Indian resident, looking for international exposure. In the first call I frankly told to BUM that I have no visa, ok, she told me that I will be have a second interview after 2 days. I waited for the call and it didn’t happened. In the evening, I mailed her the situation. She replied immediately that their consultant will be calling me soon. After 1 month, their consultant mailed for available timmings. I felt excited and I have given my free timmings including Sundays also for 1 month. The interview has not happened. Then After 2 months, in my unavailable timmings they called me on phone for interview at 10:00 pm. I replied well to their questions and they also felt happy. I didn’t get any reply from them after 3 weeks also. Then Suddenly, i have received a mail that I have not complied to their standards. Exactly, for a period of 5 months, i am in great stress and I am not able to take any decision.

With this experience, i felt depressed and I have also faced other interviews in India. Bargain business started even i answered all questions right. One of the comapany recently called me after 1.5 months that I have to come for another interview.

I learned to be positive and focussed every time i fail. I think no need to disappoint and future is waiting for us to do good for everybody.