Validation of Links to Intranet


I have a query which maybe one of you could help me with. I have a validated spreadsheet which produces a graph. I want to display the graph on the company’s intratra to make accessing the data easier. Obviously I would need to validate the link to ensure this is correct but what else do I need to consider from a validation point of view? For example, do I need to verify that changes to the graph result in changes on the intranet?

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Is this graph used to make quality decisions or is it just used for display purposes on your intranet?

It would be used to make quality decisions - sorry I should have specified

I haven’t really come across this before, but the first thing that jumps out at me are caching issues, for example if you are using IE in your organisation it is notoriously buggy so you may need to specify if people are looking at this on daily basis they would need to ensure that this page is refreshed.

Another way to do this would add a piece of code to the HTML that automatically refreshes the page on a continual basis.

There are a number of issues to be considered here, so be careful!

Thank you - it’s a hard one to call…managers like to have the data easily accessable and it sounds easy to put it on the intranet but there’s alot to consider

When you say put on the company intranet…what do you mean? Is it on Sharepoint? or is it just published to a Home page everyone sees? With Sharepoint you have security and it can be validated.