Using Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 10.1.0 to apply e-sigs to controlled docs & route

We currently route a particular document (form) for signature as hardcopy. The forms reside and are version controlled via Documentum, our document control system. This form is owned and controlled by our document control folks, used throughout the plant.

The thought and hope is that it may assist in expediting the routing process if we were to implement the process using Adobe Acrobat and its e-signature capabilities, place the file on a qualified server/folder with proper security in place to ensure the validity of the file, file contents and the signature. I would love to get the forums thoughts as to whether this is viable, if anyone has attempted this, and if so what was your validation approach?

Thanks for any and all your assistance,


While Acrobat/Reader has e-signature features, it does not tie signatures to unique individuals (e.g. Active Directory users) on its own, though I believe there is software around to plug the gaps. If your document management system is already validated and ERES compliant however, why not use this for your document e-signatures instead of Acrobat itself?