Use of solvents recycing in HPLC Analysis!

Hi All,

Opinions / experiance invited for solvent recycling in HPLC analysis.

What do you mean with ‘recycling’?

Most of the HPLC solvents are High purity grade.
Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol,Acetonitrile etc.
They must be distilled after recycling and the purity has to be confirmed before they are reused again in the HPLC runs. The advantage is they are volatile.
But by doing these the companies spend a lot more time in Distilling and testing the same.
I think it is just waste of time. No savings on recycling.


‘recycling’ also could mean the use of a post-column switcher, that connected to the detector. when the peak detected, the liquid from the detector will be flowed into waste-container. when any peak is not detected, the solvent will be sent back to the reservoir. it is ok for conventional HPLC, but I think there is no need to apply on rapid LC.