Type I Lab Water Purification System Specs

I’d like to get more information on specs for Type I Water Purification System on the web. Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) may have it on their site, but this requires purchasing a document.

Also, what does ‘CLRW’ stands for?

Have a look at out latest article it may give you some guidance


Nice information. How about specs? eg: Type I water for Resistivity, TOC, etc. Is it published somewhere?

You need standart iso 3696 or (ASTM) D1193-91



CLRW = Clinical Laboratry Reagent Water




There’s a UK company that’s written a book on the subject.

You can order it free here :

I should declare an interest as I work there but it does contain all you’d need to know on ASTM grades/CLSI/ISO3696 etc etc. I think that there’s also an article on the validation of laboratory water purification somewhere on their website.

Alternatively I think you can mail them at info@elgalabwater.com.

Hope this helps

You might want to check this link to give you more details about
Type I Lab Water Purification System and their specifications.


You might also want to check this link to give you a better understanding about Type I purification system:


Happy reading and good luck!


Hey, you could find detailed information on Type-1 Water and Lab Water Purification Systems here - http://www.merckmillipore.com/IN/en/water-purification/learning-centers/tutorial/grades/eSqb.qB.3lUAAAFAcqlkiQz8,nav

Also, CLRW is an abbreviation for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water