The the Dortmund team's doom is far more than that

Frings really imprudent, nfl jerseys wholesale
, he gave orders to pay more attention to Note Duyang before Sammer give him, but this guy does not Duyang looked down. A second division players can kick, no matter how how strong? This the Frings idea, of course, is precisely this idea hurt him.

When Frings turned to chase Du Yang, he found Du Yang has gone far to shake him off.

Inadvertently Frings feel like going back to the National Stadium in Yokohama, Japan, the world called alien guy, is then played out a German …

Duyang too fast, Frings and Duyang compared to his advantage is a bit also forces advance card, but which one is useless. Excessive underestimate the enemy so that he Duyang the humiliation! The 90 startup speed Du Yang instantly disappeared in the Frings front already sped away, Komori children’s shoes, Frings turned to look back when!

Borussia Dortmund defense a neutral Du Yang breakthrough Frings after dribbling forward …

Ewa Nielsen, a former Brazilian international anti-complement at this time over the 28-year-old Brazilian replacement Borussia Dortmund Star of Hope today starting the Sammer want to be able to let Kyle a break.

The Brazilians apparently also some casual, Du Yang, in his view should go past Frings luck …

Perhaps naive to punish the effect of Dortmund, cheap jerseys from china
, the defending champion is too proud, and their excessive self-confidence so they will eat bitterness in this game.

Football is not a strength you can 100 Wynn movement, the charm of sports is that suddenly, Ewa Nielsen casual defense gave Du Yang opportunity.

Komori a lot of time to let him calmly looked up, and then look at the moves of the route of his teammates, until sent Zhisai …

Do the entire action Komori Relaxed, Borussia Dortmund’s defensive player who simply do not want the closing down of consciousness, they might think that next moment Du Yang will mistake gave the ball back to them.

Podolski instant start! Black Chalmers involved, the strongest defense line of Borussia Dortmund at the moment Metzelder opened it!

Borussia Dortmund’s reserve guard have absolutely no thought of the second division to Podolski striker! Could not pull the kick does not move, he is like a tank!

The Tanke Bo put up their own fort, the conduit aim at the Rotman guarding the door, the Podolski heels Nushe!

Ball is H-goal door! Rotman stay such Muji, nfl jerseys china
, he Musongpiqiu is drilled into the net with a ground-breaking describe Tan Kebo foot shot absolutely not the baoshe baoshe charm!

1-0, with the change of the score on the scoreboard, the Rhein Energie Stadium bursting out!

Tens of thousands of Ming Kelong fans shouting forward! Forward! Forward! Podolski facing camera flashed their numbers, it is the 10th, the 10th, the Cologne team!

The 17-year-old Podolski has famous Cologne Next, Tanke Bo will start to vibrate with his own performance Germanic.

Frings and Ewa Nielsen is the culprit, they too underestimate the enemy, so let Du Yang sent Zhise in case no one guarding.

Of course, the the Dortmund team’s doom is far more than that!

0 1 backward, Borussia Dortmund players also believe I will win this game victory. There is the self-confidence is a good thing, but the excessive confidence for the whole team as like slow poison into a quagmire …

In the midfield, the Dortmund has folder PREVENTION OF FISCAL ocean, Ewa Nielsen, Frings, Ricken, the three of them to Duyang surrounded in the middle.

Originally, this is a good opportunity, they can be cut off the ball of the foot of the Du Yang calmly, but they miss this opportunity!

Komori 80 agility his three middle like a loach, cheap jerseys from china
, the little donkey force change to nirvana is being spared from war! Want the the original Ortega the students exactly deceive the Argentina national team number 10 shirt, Du Yang literally among the Borussia Dortmund trio defense flash turn maneuvers opportunities …

Forcibly smash continuous Komori make him reluctant to protect the back of the ball, this time, the direction of the Frings defensive suddenly appeared in a neutral, Du Yang did not have time to think, with a kick of the ball to the gap at Komori hurried flying chase.

Until now, Frings also can use a tactical foul blocking Du Yang, but the yellow card king did not do it …