Test PAO/DOP for filter integrity

I need to know if is possible do the integrity test for Laminar Flow Cabins with another alcohol instead of the “oils” PAO and DOP, doing the aerosol with PAO there are a lot of oil residue and it´s dirty for the production.
I think the posible problems are the particle size generation, but I like to know if exist some alcohol or water based mixture for doing the integrity test.

Thanks a lot for the web page and for the answers.


I work with TDA-5B Aerosol Generator and with TDA-2G
Aerosol Photometer, we use one with them oil ATI-API-4 (Emery 3004) and
nitrogen (50psi = 3.5 bar) as inert compresed gas, we don´t know exactly if we are operating correctly. I need someone who work with them.

We used to use the internal reference in the TDA-2G Aerosol Photometer who
marks 100% as 100 micrograms/litre, and with this set up we test our HEPA

I don´t understand some items,

If we put the output of the aerosol generator TDA-5B in the input of the
aerosol photometer TDA-2G in the display we have 25%
(=25migrograms/litre) and I don´t understand what´s the reason for not
obtain moreless 100% (=100 micrograms/litre) as theoretically should be.

I don´t understand how exactly reduces the Metering Valve for modify the
Aerosol Concentration, because if I turn fully counterclockwise I
supouse I have a concentration aproximately 100 micrograms/litre in a
6500cfm flow rate of air, how reduce the concentration the Metering
Valve if I turn fully clockwise?

If I change the internal reference form 100 micrograms/litre to 10 micrograms/litre I don´t find significative diferences.

Do you use another equipment for PAO test?
Do you trust in this kind of machines?

Can anyone help me with the TDA-5B Aerosol Generator and with TDA-2G
Aerosol Photometer?
If you use these equipments, what is the best form for calibrate the Aerosol Photometer?
Do you know another methods for filter integrity?