Temperatur Monitoring frequecy

Hi to All,

          I would like to know ,is there any guideline stating about the Laboratory temperature & Humdiity monitoring frequency ( 24 hours or 12 hours)?.


That’s dependent on the sampling/testing/calibration you perform in the lab. According to ISO/IEC17025 the laboratory must monitor, control and record environmental conditions as required by the relevant specifications, methods and procedures or where they influence the quality of the results.
It means:

  • If environmental conditions have significant impact to your test and influence result you need to monitor more frequently, e.g. at beginning of test and when test is finished. For long lasting tests this might not be sufficient and monitor in between or even online monitoring might be needed.

  • If environmental conditions do not influence quality of results or is not required by specification or procedure then once/day or once/shift could be enough.