Swab Certification Question

During swab certification a known concentration is spiked onto a specific surface type and then recovered with a specific diluent and specific swab type. The residue is then extracted from the swab and quantitated. This for example is repeated 10 times and requires a certain average recovery level to be achieved within a certain %RSD.

Once the residue from each swab is quantitated is the previously validated recovery factor/recovery correction factor applied to the results for each swab?

During actual cleaning studies the recovery factor is used but is the recovery factor supposed to be applied when trying to certify someone for swabbing?

Recovery factor is for knowing the ability of your sampling method. In your case, while you are determining a recovery factor, you should not apply the recovery % which was obtained from previous swab. if you do so, you cannot get consistent value. And, 10 replicates may be a higher work. I suggest only triplicate study.