Steam sterilization pressure

Is there any requirement to monitor and record the chamber pressure with indepndent guage during thermal profile loging of sterilization process.

If yes,

how many guages are required
do we need to do this like thermal profile

The auto clave is PLC CONTROLLED.and pressure leak test by vacuume and high pressure were checked and found ok.

If you have written in your thermal mapping protocol for autoclave as pressure is a criteria then i think yes, you may need to monitor that too.
If you have not specifically mentioned that, then i think temperature monitoring and recording will work.

Dear Friend,

I m asking this question for protocol and my question is that , Is there any International requirement to monitor the pressure during the sterilization
process for PQ of an Autoclave?

Steam push cleansing requires a compounding of pressure, broad temperatures, and moisture, and serves as one of the most widely used methods for cleansing where these functions will not effect a load. The simplest example of a steam push sterilizer is a home push cooker, though it is not recommended for accurate sterilization. Its important component is a room or vessel in which items for cleansing are sealed and subjected to broad temperatures for a specified length of time, known as a cycle.