SS 316 Vs SS304

Pl help on below ,

Why all are recommending SS316 for API clean room operations , what is difference between SS304 and SS316 , can we use SS304 Equipment ( reactor , centrifuge etc.) for clean room operations, is any guideline …

304 is a low carbon modification of 302 SST (which is the general purpose austenitic or 18-8 SST) for restriction of carbide precipitation during welding.

SS304 and SS316 & SS316L are austenitic stainless steels.

316 SS also contains about 2.5% molybdenum for improved resistance to corrosion from chlorides (found in salt, seawater, sweat, etc.).

Both material having 16-18% Chromium contents.

SS316 having high corrosive resistance in compare to SS304.

SS316 is more easily welded than SS304.

SS316L is far more superoir grade.

316L can be used in place of 316 in all applications but the reverse is not true. 316L should be used for welded structures requiring high corrosion resistance. 316L is more expensive than 316 in most regions of the world.

All materials of contacts that is: Where the active ingredient or produced product comes into contact should be SS316 or SS316L as per global regulatory guidance.