Site master file

how is the Site Master File Coding

site master file should have an edition number, the date becomes effective and the date by which it has to be reviewed, site master file document will include these; but what is the period should be SMF reviewed again, if there is no change in the production facility. On the other hand, for instance in 2014, in march SMF prepared and issued, in same year in september changes done, has to be prepared again. In this case, coding for SMF was SMF.2014 (R00) in march; in september SMF.2014 (R01); is this OK, or is there any rule on this document coding?

Please expand on your questions, or else we will have to remove from the forum.

Thank you

Hi cemile,

There is no specific rule on this document coding, you can follow as you addressed.

What I follow is
If any revision takes place, the document number will be SMF-001-01. year will not reflect in my coding system.

Bujji Reddy Kanchi.