Samling Room Qualification

Dear all,

In one of the site sampling rooms an issue regarding air flow requirements from the Hepa filter.

The room has 2 zones (a b), zone A is under the Hepa filter. in addition a 50cm Plastic sheets are been used around - marking the zone A area.
The Enterance to the room is also guarded with a long plastic sheets (to the floor).

can you please tell me the purpose of the plastic sheets and whether the length has a meaning ? ( i am considering shorthen the sheets)

Please advise,


Firstly, what are both areas classed as? When you mention " under the HEPA filter" I take it that you mean UDAF. Should they both be of the same class then I would assume that the ‘plastic sheets’ are used to,

  1. differentiate between area A and B- a sort of divide,
  2. as a barrier to exclude disturbances to that airflow.
    Maybe you could elaborate on the whole sampling system such as are there airlocks, change over rooms, interlocking doors that prevent the possibility of cross contamination/contamination etc.
    Hope that this is of some help.