Ro Water System

I am new in this forum. I want to know about the RO water system working.
Type of substance use for softining of water filter use etc. how we validated this system.

its very difficult to explain comprehensively this topic if you have not done your home work.
To start with, i am sharing little idea about water validation

softners are mixed bed resins that exchange Ca, Mg ions with Na so that hard water becomes soft water.

water validation has 3 phases during which critical parameters are evaluated. phase 1 study involves rigorous sampling whereas phase 3 study covers all seasonal variations. All water validation study should cover at least one year.

it would be better for you to search on internet about RO system, take help of experienced engineering and microbiological personnel of your company.

Sanjeev Setia

is it right to check TOC after EDI unit or should it be done after UF

If u have online TOC analyzer then u should install at the start of distribution loop and check the TOC, if u have grab mode TOC analyzer then u will check the TOC at user point. there is no need to install sucha expensive instrument water system.

I don’t think EDI really does anything to the TOC, maybe indirectly by removing particles that OC is attached to. EDI is more of a solids and charged particle removal mechanism.

I would check TOC wherever I claim a level of TOC.

Thak you for your reply. I want to know about the cleaning agent use for cleaning of RO filter.

I would suggest you try Tergazyme.

Dear Rudra,

  1. acid and alkaline solutions with EDTA added, 50% methanol, and 10% ethyleneglycol monobutyrate (EGMB).
  2. cleaning with 50% methanol or 10% EGME solution increased the water flux significantly.