Regs affecting equipment alarms?

Does anyone know if there are any regulations that specifically affect documentation of critical equipment alarms and their resolution?

We are moving to the use of an electronic logbook for logging critical alarms from our BMS, which monitors equipment such as air handlers, refrigerators, freezers, and the like. Some of this equipment is direct impact, some is indirect. The logbook will be used to document the cause of the alarm, actions taken, the technician, and the reviewer of the records. It is intended for internal use, to ensure that alarms are being addressed appropriately. Data from this logbook will not be presented to an auditor, and the original record of the alarms will remain in the BMS.

We are trying to determine if we should validate this, but have been unable to determine if there are any regs requiring us to maintain this kind of information.

Any information you can offer is appreciated!