I have recently took over the cleaning validation in our company (from somebody else who’s not working here anymore). I need to do a recovery study and I don’t find any stainless steel plates.
Question 1: Where can I purchase stainless steel pates for recovery determination?
Question 2: Where can I purchase plates made in Teflon, polyethylene, etc….?

P.S. I know I have to use the exact same material as the equipment, from the manufacturer of the equipment. Unfortunately, I don’t have this option anymore (the equipment is old, unknown manufacturer). This is why I trying to buy plates made out of materials of interest for the cleaning validation in our company.

Thank you in advance for your help.

If u can refer to the DQ of your equipment, you can get the MoC (material of constructions) of your equipment (SS304, 316, 316L etc.). You can get the coupon of same MoC. I hope your engineering / projects team can help you in finding the coupon plates of all MoC. Write to my personal mail, if you need any support related to Cleaning Validation

Veerraju N

Hello Veerraju,
Following your advice, I collaborated with the engineering team and we came up with a solution.