Re-evaluation practice

Hi all

I’m in the middle to perform re-evaluation on all GxP equipment / process. As my company is almost operate close to 3 years, now i’m preparing protocol to perform re-evaluation.

i need all of you feedback on the re-evaluation question as per below:

  1. What is your current practice frequencyto perform re-evaluation
  2. In what aspect you do for re-evaluate. Are you challange max, min parameter setting, or check the availability, performance or etc.
  3. if we need to perform action after re-evaluation. do we need to complete it at the same date of exactly 3 years time operation. For example, initial qualification date approval 3 Jul 2007, should we complete by 3 Jul 2010. Or do you have any tolerance
  4. If some of you have template, can you give to me.