Qualification labeling

iq oq labeling? what tests should I choose?

Are you asking IF you should do IQ and/or OQ? If that’s the question, then why didn’t you ask about PQ? If validation is required and you do ‘on demand’ label printing, then PQ would (be intended to) show that you don’t have unacceptable drift / loss of print quality over the course of a run.

Without knowing more about your system, the regulations you are required to comply with, your internal procedures governing system validation, the intended use of the labeling system, etc., it’s not possible to say what is and what is not required.


You’re right I should do the PQ. The problem with the lack of documentation for this device. Labeling vignettes used to glue the pack during the process packaging.Jeżeli someone has a similar device to ask for help in writing test
Thank you and best regards