Purified Water System


It is correct to qualify (DQ; IQ; OQ; PQ - Phase I, II and III) a water generation system (Purified) and later qualify the distribution system?. The reason is that the generation system is installed but the loop not. It is possibly that its going to be like this for a long period of time. Can we take this qualification by segments (Generation system and in the other hand the distribution system)?

thanks in advance

yes you can qualify just the generation system but should never store the generated purified water without recirculation.
And you can qualify the distribution system when the loops are connected separately.


Yes, you can do this. I agree with Eddy that you want to make sure the system does not sit stagnant.

The key point you will want to manage is how you’re using the system. If you’re pulling water for use right off of the generation system, you can use it that way. But don’t use water for your product or process before you have your test data for the distribution loop and have appropriately qualified it.

Another tip, when you qualify your distribution system, also take samples within the generation loop. Ran into an issue at one company where the loop kept failing and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. We traced it back to an issue in the generation system, but we had stopped testing of that portion because that part had already passed the early stage testing. Always a good idea to keep an eye on your generation system at key points.

Good luck!