Particle count for compressed air

I am working for the qualification of compressed air system in a pharma industry,
can any one give me their inputs regarding non-viable particle count of compressed air and the people who are able to perform this test.
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It is recommend that you develop an air quality program for validation that is repeatable for verification and compliance for FDA enforced cGMP. Compressed or process air lines should be tested on a routine or regular basis. A thorough evaluation of the application and manufacturing process is required to ensure the appropriate solution, both technically and financially.

Direct Product Contact
Oil mist/particulate (matter): Grade D 1 mg/m3 0.1 mg/m3
Moisture/Dew Point: Grade D 1267ppmv/0 degF
Gaseous Hydrocarbons (minus methane): Grade D 5ppm 2ppm
Halogenated Hydrocarbons: Grade D 5ppm 1ppm.

Alex Kennedy

Dear Pavan,

specifically regarding particle count in compressed air, as a general rule the compressed air with product contact should have the same or better particle count as the environment. The particles are measured with an accessory for a particle counter called high pressure diffuser, (which is quite expensive, around 40% of the particle counter), where the compressed air is decompressed and expanded previous to entering the particle counter to avoid damaging the counter.

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Hi alex

please give me reference guideline or references for test and acceptance criteria.

Vipul Jain

Dear Vipul,

The reference guideline is ISO 8573