Part 11 Database Testing

Hi All,

I would like to get feedback about how you approach database part 11 testing.

How do you test the database and to what extent.

For example:

Do you test the database for the following

  • Inserts
  • Updates
  • Deletes
  • Modify
  • Audit Trail testing
    • How many times do you test that this functionality is working (3,5,7,10 times)
    • Date and time
    • Who altered what (Signature, Date and Time stamp)
    • Do you test that the audit trail is turned on or should it be automatically turned on when the application starts?
  • Database locking: Can 2 people alter a record at the same time, how do you test for this
  • Access levels
  • Password Verification, do you need username and password each time, or just password after the first log on
  • Database Schema
  • Database performance
  • Database backup
This is an open discussion so all feedback is most welcome.