OQ on gammaspectroscopy system - hardware and software


We are writing out IQ/OQ procedures for gammaspectroscopy systems, where we have the software (application) and the different types of hardwares (multi channel analysers and high purity germanium detectors) we can connect to it.
For the OQ we bump into a “problem”: Can one perform the OQ on the hardware (MCA and HPGe) while using the software and then perform the OQ on the software? Or does it have to be done the other way round?

Thanks for the replies!

Can the hardware be used without the software and vice-versa? If not, consider the ‘system’ as a combination of hw and sw and validate the system. You may want to do some special software validation to show control.

Hardware and software could be used seperately…

If we talk about the “standard” systems we provide, we generally say that the software and hardware have to work together.

We have been discussing this problem and came to a similar (same) solution: treat it as a complete system and check the hardware parameters through the software and, like you say, perform some special software validation…

Thanks for the reply!