One Form to Clean Them All

Recently we had a meeting discussing the best way to review the SOPs of 10 pieces of equipment for a cleaning validation of a product. And person A proposed a form to get rid of having to review all the equipment SOPs. The form is sort of a check list and in it includes the major steps on the cleaning, and the performing person would have to document that the major steps were done. The proposal was to add include on the SOP of each equipment a reference to that form, and that would be the cleaning procedure.
Some pieces of equipment have numerous parts and the parts are different in size, shape, material of construction, and the characteristics of the surface.
I base my opinion on the CFR that says cleaning procedures must assure the repeatability of it. So opposed to it, adding that at least we must include each case that may present to the person doing the cleaning, and how they must proceed. And training must be a PLUS.

Please give your opinion on this.

Here we work as follow:

We have one general SOP + checklist for general cleaning.
And if a device needs extra cleaning or has pieces that needs extra attention it is mentioned in the SOP of the machine.
Also the general SOP referes to the SOP of the machines for the quantity of water/detergent that is needed for the specific device.

We like working this way.