new to validation

could someone suggest me what kind of questions would be asked in a interview though iam good with the subject i am confused about what will be asked and if asked two critical problems faced and how to solve it.

What kind of interview?
Job interview?
…please be specific.

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yeah about the job interview what kind of questions will be asked and if asked about critical problems faced and how did you solve it.I would appreciate if it is explained with examples.

If you face a critical problem explain you have your own process:

  1. Assess the problem
  2. Set up meeting with stakeholders
  3. Decide on a solution for the problem
  4. Implement the problem
  5. Report on how the problem was fixed
  6. Preventative action for the next time to mitigate it happening again

Read up a little on the CAPA process.

Keep it simple and to the point

Hope that helps.


yes i got the point if some deviation occurs investigation is to be done for that deviation and then corrective action is to be taken to correct that deviation and then preventive action is to be taken in order to prevent the deviation from re occuring.But could you please explain it with an with a scenario and also could you please let me know how to validate adverse event reporting system.