Network Qualification


Can anyone give me some advise on Nework Qualification.

What level of qualification/validation is required to mensure that a network is fit for intended use. I am currently embarking on a network qualification project and was wondering what the general experience has been out there.

Any input or reference to material on network qualification would be most useful.

Thanks in advance


Never done one myself but have listened in on various group discussions. As you might expect, performing a risk analysis is recommended to scope the activities. Beyond that, I did a bit of poking around and found a few reference materials:

GAMP IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance
ISACA and IVT Network Qualification Guide
I saw a post that IVT published a “Proposed Standard for Network Qualification” in their Validation Journal but I can’t find a free copy anywhere. Maybe you can contact them?

  • some free literature from Dr. Huber / LabCompliance.

With the exception of general use of Dr. Huber’s materials on LabCompliance, I don’t have these / never used them so I can’t speak for their quality. LabCompliance stuff has always been pretty useful. You might contact Dr. Huber directly - he’s usually quite willing to help. Hope this helps. I (for one) would be interested in hearing what you come up with.

Thanks Yodon for the links and reference I will research in the coming weeks, hopefully I will get around to writing an article about it.