Mystic awarded key manufacturing patent

Mystic Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a US patent for a manufacturing technology that is critical to its biologics delivery platform.

The new patent, number 7,963,089, covers what the firm calls its “Deep Draw Container Forming Method” which is used to make its unit dose packaging VersiDoser and VRx2 delivery systems for biologic drugs.

Mystic’s technology is designed to allow for more efficient than traditional unit dose liquid pack technologies and, according to the firm, lets manufacturers to package the same number of doses with up to 70% less bulk drug volume.

The Austin, Texas headquartered firm also claims its systems are commercially scalable to volumes of up to one million doses per day and can be flexibly reconfigured to support a wide range of product requirements.

CEO Timothy Sullivan said that: “Mystic’s delivery platforms are a breakthrough for adherence packaging in the ophthalmic drug delivery market.

“Unit dose packaging combined with our self administered delivery systems set a new standard for improving patient compliance and treatment outcomes.”

The new patent, which was not listed on the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website at the time of publication, is the second the firm has earned for a delivery technology .