Moving Servers

Hi friends

I’m involved in a toxicology lab that is moving. As part of this all
computers (worksations), data files and systems/applications are
moving. After moving all the applications and data files from one
server to another, can anyone advise a level of
verification/validation of the file copy process and the best way to
accomplish this. And would there be a need of any
validation/verication of the workstations running the applications.

I greatly appreicate any input.

Chandra are you physically moving servers/workstations or are you migrating
from “one server to another”.

The physical move of validated desktops has been a hotly contested
topic at my company. Our QA department wanted us to reexecute IQ/OQ for
moved workstations until we got into a logical fight with them about
the risks/impacts and costs of doing this. Unless your original
validation effort handled power supplies I would consider this a simple
change (record via change control) with no testing needed - or very
very basic testing - open up the app and record a screen shot (this
however seems pointless to me). We had several arguments with QA about
what the risk/impact was. We are really talking in most cases about
changing a power supply (where you plug it in) and a network jack.

Our IQ/OQ tests neither of those things so there is little point in
reexecuting it. Does one need to do this type of thing if it is just
phyiscally moved - i.e. same power supply, same network jack - move
computer 10 feet to make more room on a desk? Or is it the change of
power supply/network jack that triggers the need for revalidation?

What if you move a workstation within the same room to a new power
supply/network jack? To me these are things that we assume work as part
of the infrastructure- just like we assume that there is air in the
room for humans to breath or lights in order to see the keyboard. But
it depends on the criticality of your systems.