Mould Counts Limits in an EU Grade C Clean Rooms

I am looking for some advice on mould count limits in EU Grade C cleanrooms.

The company I am currently working at carries out air sampling, contact plates and settle plates in a EU grade C cleanroom for routine microbiological monitoring. The company uses the EU microbial limits for a grade C area as stated in Annex 1 of the “Orange Guide” i.e.

  • Air counts: <100 cfu/m3 air
  • Settle plates: <50 cfu/90 mm plate for 4 hour exposure
  • Surfaces: <25 cfu/55mm contact plate
I am trying to determine what would be considered reasonable fungal/mould count limits for these monitoring tests. All the references I have found just specify "microbial counts" which is no help!

Does anyone have any ideas or experience in this?