Microbiological Culture Media

Dear All,

Will anybody please provide me the guidance about the appearance of different type of culture media plates after dehydration during preincubation, if somebody have any ebook or document, please make availabe ???


Preincubation of media are not allowed, just made the fresh medium and store it in 2-8 degree Celsius or if you have facing a problem of moisture on plates just pour the media into plates when its temperature comes to 40-45 degree Celsius. hope you get the answer
Tassawar Zahoor

Pre-incubation is a old concept. It was used when validation concept was not there. In those days suppose you prepare plates/media, preincubate and separate which are contaminated and use restof the media. Now once the sterilization validation is established, if you get single plate/media contaminated whole lot/batch of the media is under doubt, and not to be used and to be discvarded.
Dr.Pradeep Nagalkar