Load probes in IV steam sterilitation

Hi everyone,
I have a doubt about sterilization process of IV bags in a steam-air overpressure Autoclave. I wanted to ask about load probes. Knowing the IV bags are overwrapped, when the temperature probe which is located in one of the load’s bag has to be pricked, the overwrapping must be “opened”, losing the integrity of the overwrapping. In this case, the behaviour of this bag is not exactly the same than the rest of the load, mainly because the thermal barrier in the bag control by the probe is lower than in the rest of the load.
The question is: would you consider a good approach design a sterilization cycle based on the load probe even know that it is not representing the rest of the load? I assume the holding time has to be longer in this case.
Or would it be better to generate a new “thing” (imagine a bottle with a liquid, with the same thermal inertia than the rest of the load bags) to control the Fo obtained in the load?

Thank you very much for your answers!!