Leak test for sachet (filled powder)

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I am a new member of the forum. I have gone thru some docs, info and discussion you have been doing. It is a very useful forum.

I have a question for you: Could you please share if you have set the pressure for the leakage test of power filled sachets?

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Non-destructive test
◦The non-contact method is clean and dry, unlike other destructive leak testing methods (eg Methylene Blue Dye Test), and does not destroy test product or packaging.
◦Tested product can be retrieved from faulty packs and repackaged.
◦Packs which pass the leak test can be put back onto the production line.
◦Detects holes down to 10 microns.
◦Pass or fail criteria can be set to the same micron level as your existing Methylene Blue Dye Test.
◦Non-porous single cavity packs such as sachets, pouches, bags MAPs etc in flexible materials such as PVC, PVDC, Alu/Alu, Aclar etc.

There is a machine called PakScan.
Its an excellent machine.