Le Blanc´s accepatance limit in the analyzed sample


Is someone familiar with Le Blanc´s formula for stablishing an acceptance limit inthe analyzed sample after swabbing??

LAR (ppm) = FS x DDMin A x TL prod B x ASM x 1000000000
DDmax B x ACE x CDD

• The safety factor for tablets is 0,001
• My minimun daily dose for product A is 600 mg/day
• The minimun batch size for product B is 50 kg
• My sample area is 25 cm2
• The daily maximun dose for product B is 5000 mg/day
• The total surface contat area is 30910,16 cm2
• The amount of solvent (methanol)is 10 ml. Methanol´s density is 0,7866 g/ml. So in grams it is 7,866 g.


LAR (ppm) = (0,001)(600)(50)(25)(1000000000)

LAR (ppm) = 616,93 ppm:confused:

is my approach correct ?? how can I interpret it? For example when I take my sample by swabbing and take to the lab to analized it, I must obtain a value inferior to 616 ppm?..although it seems to me it is a high value!!!why it is so high??