LD 50% scoring system

What is the scoring system for LD50?
and which animal should be the reference?
Rat, Mouse … etc?

The LD50 is a standardized measure for expressing and comparing the toxicity of chemicals.

The LD50 is the dose that kills half (50%) of the animals tested (LD = “lethal dose”). The animals are usually rats or mice, although rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and so on are sometimes used.

Because a single test may kill as many as 100 animals, the United States and other members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development agreed in December 2000 to phase out the LD50 test in favor of alternatives that greatly reduce (or even eliminate) deaths of the test animals.

Any LD50 value over 5g/Kg is considered to be non-toxic, and values of 1 - 5g/Kg are relatively safe. The LD50 is however only a relative value of toxicity and it does not indicate long term toxicity, teratogenicity or carcinogenicity.

The way in which the chemical is administered also has a marked effect on LD 50 values. The chemical may be fed, injected, applied to the animal’s skin, etc., and each method usually generates a different LD 50.

which animal should i apply this on?
In the APIC guildeline, it is indicated that i should use the LD 50 for human and none of the sources mentioned LD50 for human
it is either rat or mouse
and that lead me to another problem
and that is
i need a grading for rat and mouse since the values are not equal
i really need your help

thanks alot


Is it a developmental work for LD 50 of particular product?

Please share the application fo LD 50 in product.