IQ checklist................ Need help to carryout IQ

Hello everyone,
I am relatively new to this field, I am on one project. I have assign to perform IQ due to replacement of supporting utilitiy. (In Detail, few months ago the rectifier (2000V) was burn out and we replaced the rectifire (2000V) with same supplier but with higher capacity (2500V). So we decided to perfomr just IQ. My manager is also agree with that decision. So I have to perform only IQ)
Now I am totally new, when it comes to field knowledge. I have the IQ protocol, but I dont know to perform IQ. What exactly have to do to perform IQ. I know that I have to veryfiy the checklist in IQ. So went to that perticular are where the rectifire is located and go by the check list with the help of maintainace guy.
So I am asking that; How would you perform IQ, if you have the protocol ready ? If possible explain me in details