Internal Auditor Training/Certification

Greetings All,

I am the Training & Certification Mgr for a small division of a contract operation. Recently, the question was raised about Internal Auditor Qualification. My concerns are as follows:

  1. Who may train an individual to become an Internal Auditor? What are the necessary steps/credentials?

  2. What is the criteria? Where is the standard to which they are trained? (Mager vs. Groenberg)

  3. Is the training a validation process, or is it an familiarization training course?

  4. If it is a validation/certification course, how long is the certification valid?

  5. Does ANSI/ISO require a specific course, or can any self-proclaimed entity provide training?

I may be asking far-reaching questions, but I am finding inconsistancies in the records of the ‘trained’ auditors in the files. I’m waiting for an answer from my corporate office, but I thought I’d get a concensus answer here.

Thank you all in advance for your help and expertise in this matter.


I attached one of the posting from one of the members here. Some of the information in the slides seems to give some answers to some of your question I hope.