Informal Testing / Ad-Hoc or Exploratory Testing

I’ve come across this new term: Ad-Hoc or Exploratory Testing

Is there any requirement for such testing to be referred to in any IQ protocols prior to commencing formal qualification activities?

I am assuming that this is just the offline testing that a developer would carry out in order to verify any code they’ve written works?


No requirements (coming from an FDA perspective). However, we utilize the approach quite frequently and it has been well received in FDA audits. It shows effort beyond mere requirements verification.

I’d say it’s more than what a developer do. Testers have (or should have) different critical thinking skills. They tend to ask “what would happen if…” That’s more along the lines of exploratory testing. If the system is designed to react after a certain button is hit, a developer will be sure that happens. An exploratory tester might hold one button down while pressing the specified button. It gives the tester some freedom to take alternate paths from scripted verification.

Thanks yodon, that’s a great help - do you ever reference any of this in formal testing?