Improvement Initiatives - what kind of meetings or activities are relevant?

I just recently completed my masters in industrial
engineering and joined a pharmaceuticals company as a quality engineer. I need
some work related guidance.

can you please tell me what kind of issues or meetings I can put in place and
start improvement initiatives in my company.

I was thinking of introducing a
quality circle but not sure so looking for your guidance.

In highly regulated industries it is often stability, not change (e.g., improvement) they’re looking for. They cannot easily change a process since it has often been validated.

First see how good they are at CAPA (corrective & preventive action) e.g., root cause analysis. If they’re good at that (e.g., not a lot of internal or external issues, FDA not raising flags about depth of investigations), then look at what the organization has defined as business objectives and how you may be able to support achievement of them.