IATA Standards

[COLOR=“#000000”]To address the challenges in transporting healthcare products, IATA established a dedicated working group, the IATA Time and Temperature Task Force (TTTF) under the supervision of the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board, a governance body comprised of 12 Airline members, endorsing healthcare standards for the air cargo industry recommended by the Time and Temperature Task Force members. The work undertaken by this healthcare industry subject matter expert Task Force composed of airlines, ground handling agents, freight forwarders, shippers, international or national organizations, airports and equipment manufacturers led to the inclusion of a specific chapter in the existing IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR). Today the air cargo industry is using the IATA PCR as the essential reference guide for all parties involved in the packaging, handling and distribution by air of time & temperature sensitive healthcare products. Chapter 17 “Air Transport Logistics for Time and Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products” in the PCR specifically addresses the temperature control management issues identified by the industry.

Currently the transport of Time and Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products is an activity within the air cargo industry that needs much greater increase in profile amongst top executive key decision makers. Associated risks, e.g. loss of integrity of the product, the damage to the shipments, can generate substantial costs for the industry stakeholders. As long as the processes within the supply chain are being dealt in a separate way between the stakeholders involved, the current issues are likely to continue.[/color]