How We Contaminate Clean Rooms?

How We Contaminate Clean Rooms?

Of the many potential sources of contamination in cleanrooms and other clean manufacturing environments, none is more persistent, pervasive or pernicious than the human beings who occupy them.

There are many possible sources of contamination of the cleanroom environment. Equipment, structures, and surfaces can generate particles through friction, heat, exhaust, outgassing, and static electricity. Incoming production components may introduce contaminants. Still, it is the people working in the cleanroom that generate the most particles. Of the many elements of cleanroom operations and processes, humans are the easiest to control, yet contribute the most contamination.

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But needs to be clarify of which element leads to wih type of contamination with examples. Like facility, it was chance to contaminate with outside enveronment.

Hi Jaipal,

Maybe you can provide more details.