How to Qualify Contract Laboratory for a firm?

Dear All,

I am going to qualify one of the Outside laboratory to depend for chemical analysis due to non availability of some specific instruments at our end. I have followin doubts with regard this. If any one supply this information at earliest will be greatly appreciated.

  1. How we can approach the outside Laboratory?
  2. Is there any Guidelines/ Recommendations to qualify the outside Laboratory for our needs? If yes what are they?
  3. Do we have to perform the any performance of testing between our and outside laboratory for qualify it?
  4. How we can approach the audit for this?
  5. What are the accredations required to run a Outside laboratory?
  6. For what tests we can depend on them? Is there any standards?

Kindly supply the needful information to qualify it. If any one send typical document like Audit Check list and Questionnaire will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your valuable information

Pulla Reddy Karnati