How to clean Penicillin and Claforan production site?

I would like to know how to clean equipment, walls and ceilings in the productin aeria for Penicillin and Claforan. We want to remove that productio site and before that we need to clean it. Thanks for your help.

If you want to clean your floors, roofs, bnch tops, external vessels in a Penicillin facility you can use Para acetic acid (PAA). Use in concentration of 230ppm to 260ppm.
After cleaning that and wiping you can use a mild alkaline or neutral detergent and clean all surfaces and then use savlon or dettol.
We have done this , I do not think you can effectively clean all production site in one shot.You must clean for a week or more regularly.Ducts are culprits.First clean all the ducts and start the procedure so that it will be quick.

Dear Mr. Radovan,

I hope you are referring to decontamination of penicillin production sites i.e. removing penicillin (or other beta lactam antibiotics) residues from a manufacturing site before it can be either used for manufacturing non-penicillin products or demolished. If that is the case then you have to deal with a daunting task. You refer to following post, hope it will be useful to you.